Korean Fantastic: Shorts 2

Zombie 13

  • 좀비
  • 감동

Korea|2020 |12min |World Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
218 7/11  16:30 CGV Sopung 3 15 GV
532 7/14  20:00 CGV Sopung 11 15
218 7/11  16:30CGV Sopung 3
15  GV
532 7/14  20:00CGV Sopung 11

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Program Note

It is one minute before the screening of a zombie movie, but the friend who was supposed to be there has still not shown up. A man sits in the friend’s seat and does not leave, even when asked to show his ticket. How irrational can this man’s behavior get? The dramatic twist after the movie is touching though. Surprisingly, this episode depicts the sense of tension and excitement a person feels when doing something new. The events connected with the zombie movie in this film unfold an exciting and touching story. (LEE Hwajung)



PARK Hyunkyung

Born in Seoul in 1991. He is a graduate student at the School of Film, TV & Multimedia of the Korea National University of Arts. He directed short films, Call (2019) and Fair Election (2019).

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