Korean Fantastic: Shorts 1

Ungbi and Non-human Friends

  • SF
  • 괴물
  • 외계인
  • 가족

Korea|2020 |18min |World Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
202 7/11  10:30 CGV Sopung 3 15 GV
432 7/13  20:00 CGV Sopung 11 15
202 7/11  10:30CGV Sopung 3
15  GV
432 7/13  20:00CGV Sopung 11

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Program Note

Ungbi, a 9-year-old girl, encounters a furry monster at her secret base. Although they can’t communicate, they soon become friends. Worrying that her parents would get mad, she takes her non-human friend to home. The friendship between the innocent girl and her weird friend is bound to make us smile, and when they do finally understand each other, the truth is quite a surprise. Can pigeons become the hope for humanity in the future? More study is needed. (BAEK Jaeho)



KIM Damin

She studied psychology and cultural anthropology at Yonsei University. She directed short films, Slight Fever (2010), Downpour (2012) and Surface (2014). 

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