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Dogs in the House

  • 밀실
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  • 가족
  • 액션
  • 걸 파워

Korea|2018|93min |World Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
253 7/14  13:50 CGV Bucheon 6 15 GV
529 7/17  19:00 CGV Bucheon 4 15 GV
820 7/20  15:30 CGV Sopoong 6 15 GV
253 7/14  13:50CGV Bucheon 6
15  GV
529 7/17  19:00CGV Bucheon 4
15  GV
820 7/20  15:30CGV Sopoong 6
15  GV

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A man running a shabby neighborhood bathhouse. Man is in danger of losing precious bathhouse because of the money I borrowed from a loan shark. Then, the loan shark offers odd suggestions to him for solve this problem.

Program Note

Su-ro (Kim Yeong-ho) is planning a scheme with his senior Man-seok(Kim Jeong-pal), who has endured the hungry past. If he removes Man-seok’s wife, who is demanding a large amount of alimony, he will get paid 3 billion won. There is no way that the scheme between Suro, who is peculiar with his pure dialect and Manseok, a fraud claiming money is the best, will proceed as planned. The film is divided into seven chapters from ‘1-Invitation’ to ‘7-The Dawn Comes,  which tracks how many people will get involved in the scheme that only two people are originally supposed to be involved in, and so how the simply looking event turns into a bigger tragedy. In the end, the lesson given by an attempt of driving the closest relationship to death to make a fortune is that happiness can’t be bought by money. In the first scene of the film, the crane shot reflecting the image of Suro lying on the rice paddy floor spilt by drought, is a metaphor for the death of a person who has lost everything in the pursuit of money. Is there any good news in the barren heart after losing the small happiness that they cleaned their backs each other in the bath, the close friendship which is supportive without money, and relationship with family which is to be the last hope? (HUH Nam-woong)



SHIN Hae-gang

Majored in journalism at Dongguk University and received his master’s degree in film studies at the University of Sydney, Australia. His film, What’s the Matter (2006) was selected in the New Zealand Film Festival for the competition section. In the 2008, Blue Story, which he directed, starred and wrote, was selected for screening at the Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival.


Kim Cheol-won

Shin Hae-gang

Park Jeong-sik

Hong Su-dong, Kim Yeong-hyeon

Ku Ja-wan

Production Design
Yoo Jeong-min

Kim Yeong-ho, Kim Jeong-pal, Lee Seung-hyeon

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starempty_star  8.50