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Korea|2017|101min |

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341 7/15  17:40 CGV Bucheon 4 15 GV
825 7/20  12:30 CGV Bucheon 4 15
341 7/15  17:40CGV Bucheon 4
15  GV
825 7/20  12:30CGV Bucheon 4

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A man of ordinary bank security. One day, a strange change comes to his body. The remarkable ability to move things by thinking is the development of telekinesis. Super normal until yesterday, super power today. Now his telekinesis is exploding!

Program Note

Seok-hun (Ryu Seung-ryong), an ordinary uncle, happens to get psychokinesis one day. On the other hand, her daughter Rumi (Shim Eun-kyung), who separated from him 10 years ago, is in danger of losing her place due to the redevelopment plan of a major construction company. When he meets his daughter again, he starts to confront people who threaten Rumi by using psychokinesis while she is having a reckless fight with a large company. It is impressive to see the attempt to twist the stereotype of super powers in the film, which has been represented as super soldiers. The image of Seok-hun, who uses supernatural powers for small purposes, is absurd but realistic. The director’s viewpoint, which simplified various human groups, is also noteworthy. This soulful slapstick and black comedy hold the director Yeon Sang-ho’s satisfying resistance to the ‘Gopjil’ in the Korean society. (YOO Hyun-ji)



YEON Sang-ho

Born in 1978 and he has won three prizes at the Busan Film Festival with The King of Pigs (2011). He showed his unique film by showing zombie horror animation in Seoul Station (2016) as the closing film at the BIFAN2016. Also, he directed the big hit film Train to Busan (2016).


Kim Yeon-ho

Yeun Sang-ho

Byun Bong-sun

Yang Jin-mo

Jang Young-gyu

Production Design
Lee Mok-won

Ryu Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung


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