Occult Bolshevism

TAKAHASHI Hiroshi|Japan|2017 |72min |Korean Premiere |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
710 7/19  17:00 - 18:12 CGV Sopoong 2 12 EVENT
710 7/19  17:00 - 18:12CGV Sopoong 2
티켓예매 아이콘

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Program Note

This is a production of Takahashi Hiroshi, a wizard of psychological horror as a J-horror movie brand name, who has participated in the scenarios of Japanese horror drama series such as Ring or Don’t Look Up and produced Kyofu. In a factory which its location cannot be grasped, an experiment about spiritual horror is conducted. The participants of the experiment go around and tell their most fearful moments and dreams. At this process of private and public traumas being revealed, various supernatural and unscientific phenomena appear such as a rapid flow of time, sounds of laughter from someone who does not exist, and phantom. Especially, Yukiko, who will become a mediator of the spiritual area, has the experience of being missing for several months and found when she was young; this disappearance, called ‘kamikakushi’, overtly refers to being hidden in god’s realm in Japan. Whether the extreme and bizarre ‘spiritual revolution experiment’ ended in failure, or whether it successfully set Yukiko free from Kamikakushi is to be judged by the audience. Going beyond simple convention and cliché, the grotesque mise-en-scénes stimulate the audience’s vision and hearing. They also arouse the tremendous amount of fear by maximizing their imagination. This is a masterpiece which dreams to be a revolution of horror movies. (HONG Eun-hwa)


타카하시 히로시


​Born in 1959, graduated from Waseda University with a degree in Russian literature. His debut as script writer came in 1990 with a TV production helmed by Azuma Morisaki. After he wrote the script for the international surprise hit The Ring (1998), he debuted with the film Sodom the Killer (2004).


Producer The Film School of Tokyo 2017
Screenplay Takahashi Hiroshi
Cinematographer Yamada Tatsuya
Music Nagashima Hiroyuki
Cast Kan Hanae, Tomoyama Yuki, Chosokabe Yoko
Sales The Film School of Tokyo