Three Horror Masters And Their Eyes

A Nightmare on Elm Street

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USA|1984|91min |

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Brutal serial killers who spawned in the dreams of teenagers start to appear in the real world. Its notorious main character of this film, Freddy Krueger, has become an established icon in horror film history.

Program Note

In a sense, the Nightmare series is larger than Wes Craven the screenwriter. Not only did it provide nourishment for the growth of New Line Cinema, which later on produced The Lord of the Ring series, but also its main character, named Freddy Krueger, and his claws became established as an icon of horror films. Having shown the worst fear that an American could suffer in reality, Craven extends the fear to the world beyond reality in A Nightmare on Elm Street. When a person cannot control his dream, that dream becomes a nightmare. The teenagers in A Nightmare on Elm Street are invited into nightmares against their will. After seizing control of their dreams, Freddy crosses over into reality and starts committing murders. Craven’s horror was no longer barbaric or rough; instead, this sophisticated and sensational film redefined the genre of teen horror films. (LEE Yong-cheol)


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Wes Craven is a very important director who has added a page to the history of horror films. One of the most distinct features of his works is that their main theme is ‘the anxiety of ordinary middle-class Caucasians.’ Another feature of his career is that his continued effort drove the trend of horror cinema.


Robert Shaye

Wes Craven

Jacques Haitkin

Patrick McMahon, Rick Shaine

Charles Bernstein

Production Design
Greg Fonseca

John Saxon, Ronee Blakley

Park Circus Limited

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starfull_star  9.50