Three Horror Masters And Their Eyes

The Last House on the Left

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USA|1972|84min |

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Two teenage girls head to a rock concert to celebrate a birthday. While trying to score marijuana in the city, they are kidnapped and brutalized by a gang of psychotic criminals. Last House on the Left (1972) was influence by The Virgin Spring (1960) by Ingmar Bergman.

Program Note

This film was affected by The Virgin Spring by Ingmar Bergman. While Bergman was concerned about the possibility of salvation from a religious perspective, this film by Wes Craven is devoted to the unique features of the genre, such as violence and vengeance. It is a typical movie produced by Sean S. Cunningham, an oddball of horror cinema, which exhibits distinct features of low-budget B-movies: rough images, vivid colors, excessive violence and weird humor. It was in the early 1970s; as a new youth culture exploded, Craven turned his eyes to violence that destroyed innocence. His movies do not have any girls singing about a rainbow during her journey like in the American classic The Wizard of Oz. Anyway, this movie became a cult film once released, and various versions have been made public, as it was distributed by a major company in the DVD age. In 2009, it gained evil notoriety once again as it was released as a remake by Dennis Iliadis. (LEE Yong-cheol)


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Wes Craven is a very important director who has added a page to the history of horror films. One of the most distinct features of his works is that their main theme is ‘the anxiety of ordinary middle-class Caucasians.’ Another feature of his career is that his continued effort drove the trend of horror cinema.


Sean S. Cunningham

Wes Craven

Victor Hurwitz

Wes Craven

David Alexander Hess

Production Design
Sean S. Cunningham

Sandra Peabody, Lucy Grantham


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