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Super Margin

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Korea|2017|90min |World Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
314 7/15  12:40 CGV Sopoong 3 15 GV
520 7/17  19:30 CGV Sopoong 5 15 GV
806 7/20  15:00 CGV Sopoong 2 15 GV
314 7/15  12:40CGV Sopoong 3
15  GV
520 7/17  19:30CGV Sopoong 5
15  GV
806 7/20  15:00CGV Sopoong 2
15  GV

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Young-jun decides to buy a top grade MacBook, but he gets ripped off when trying to get a good deal. After reporting it to the police, but getting no help from them, Young-jun heads to China to try to catch the scammer.

Program Note

Director Back Seung-kee is famous for his persistence in minor career path with his Super Virgin (2012) and Super Origin (2016). His latest, Super Margin , seems to be pretty ‘back to normal’ at first as you can see in the title. The start scene looks also pretty normal. Young-jun(Son Lee-yong) just spends a ‘Peaceful’ day whilst a ‘Peaceful’ BGM is playing, with a ‘Peaceful’ atmosphere. Then comes the twist. He becomes the victim of a scam trying to buy a MacBook to write a script for his crush, Ji-na(Park Ji-na), for casting her in his own movie. Good bye to the ‘Peaceful’ norm. He flies to China to catch the scammers on his own. Too big a scale and budget for a peace of minor film? Don’t worry, it’s just a China town in Incheon, Korea. This kind of thick-skinned sense of the director is shown again in the scene where he shot the action sequence on the rooftop with a drone in the sky. The cut-out scenes which shows how delightfully the movie was taken will flow with its closing credits where you can be ‘Peaceful’ly seated after the chaos. (HUH Nam-woong)



BACK Seung-kee

Born in 1982. During his college years, he founded the film studio, a C-rated movie company with his school friends, and produced short films. His features Super Virgin (2012) and Super Origin (2016) were invited to BIFAN. Back is called the ‘BIFAN’s Xavier Nolan’.


Back Seung-kee

Back Seung-kee

Back Seung-kee

Back Seung-kee

The Flame

Production Design
Yoo Jae-yoon

Son Lee-yong

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