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Korea|2018|93min |Asian Premiere |

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255 7/14  18:00 CGV Bucheon 6 15 GV
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828 7/20  14:20 CGV Bucheon 5 15 GV
255 7/14  18:00CGV Bucheon 6
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Kwon Min, a detective who was chasing a serial killer who escaped from prison, stepped on a mine in a remote forest near the DMZ. All he has is a Bluetooth headset and a gun. In a difficult situation, he struggles for survival begins.

Program Note

Kwon Min (Joo Min-ha), a police lieutenant in charge of crimes of violence at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, is in no way out. Here is the story. Running after a serial killer who had escaped, he reached in the north of Paju where broadcasting toward the South Korea was heard clearly, and eventually ended up stepping on a mine. Help! Save me! No one is ever serious about calling. His legs become numb while standing for a long time to prevent the explosion. As hopes fade away, a mysterious woman and a fugitive appear one by one. How can this film make up the running time of one and half hour with that settings above? As a B picture, The DMZ draws many situations in the limited settings with its brazenness and brute force. Suddenly Japanese spy appears who is going to Pyongyang, and a serial killer shows up, making only trouble with no benefit. All these absurd tastes keep us to the end of the film. The DMZ is directed by Oh In-chun, who shows off his versatile appearance such as writing, filming, and production, as well as directing in Nightscape (2017) and Wol-ha : Very Bad Moon Rising (2017). (HUH Nam-woong)



OH In-chun

Oh In-chun majored in film, TV and multimedia at Korea National University of Arts. His feature films are Mourning Grave (2014), Chasing (2015), Nightscape (2017), Wol-ha: Very Bad Moon Rising (2017). With a high degree of understanding of horror and thriller, he is gaining spotlight from both the domestic and international film industry.


Park Kun-woo, Park Ji-young

Oh In-chun, Park Ji-young

Oh In-chun

Kim Woo-hyun, Oh In-chun

DJ Zinx

Production Design
So Ji-hoon

Ju Min-ha, Hirota Masami, Kim Joon-seop

Mirovision Inc.

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starempty_star  8.29