Purpose of Reunion

JUNG Dae Man|Korea|2015 |100min |World Premiere |Color |Feature / Fiction |18+ |No Eng-Subtitle

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
235 7/18  13:13 - 14:53 Lotte Cinema Bucheon 2 18  KE
519 7/21  17:17 - 18:57 CGV Bucheon 8 18  KE
824 7/24  14:14 - 15:54 Lotte Cinema Bucheon 2 18  KE
235 7/18  13:13 - 14:53Lotte Cinema Bucheon 2
18  KE
티켓예매 아이콘
519 7/21  17:17 - 18:57CGV Bucheon 8
18  KE
티켓예매 아이콘
824 7/24  14:14 - 15:54Lotte Cinema Bucheon 2
18  KE
티켓예매 아이콘

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Notice of No English-Subtitle


Dongchul, who is managing small bar, is enthusiastic on Reunion these days. One day, Yujin comes up there, who never showed up on reunion. Her baby face and vitality made her unlike married-woman, all men crush on her, especially Dongchul got mad. They start relationship but abruptly flamed out by sudden arrive of Dongcul’s wife. And they even getting to know each others’ secrets, are their love goes safely?



JUNG Dae Man

Jung Dae Man graduated KAFA 2011, and debuted with Sympathy for Us which was shown at Vision Express section on 2011 BiFan. After several film production experience, he comes back to Bucheon with his sophomore film, Purpose of Reunion.