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  • 페이스북
  • 트위터
  • 카카오스토리

Ninja Hunter


  • Japan
  • 2015
  • 101min
  • HD
  • Color
  • Feature / Fiction
  • 18
  • NE
Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
130 7/17 17:17 Lotte Cinema Bucheon 2 18 
425 7/20 17:17 Lotte Cinema Bucheon 2 18 
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None English dialogue without English subtitle
Korean dialogue without English subtitle
No Dialogue


TAO, an Iga ninja screams and wakes from unconsciousness. He finds himself in a dim cave. Out of nowhere another ninja, JAKI attacks him. He’s a low ranking ninja commando. Claiming that Tao attacked him first, Jaki calls an end to the fight as they’re from the same ninja clan. Jaki points to dead Iga ninjas in the cave and Tao’s surprised with it. Tao has no recollection of killing them and he can’t even remember his own name…


Chiba was born in Yokohama, Japan 1964. He moved to the US in 1990 and studied filmmaking at Los Angeles City College, ranging from directing, screenwriting to editing. His commercial directorial debut was in 2001 with A Tale of A Desert Island. His career since has diversified as a successful director, producer, and screenwriter.