Fantastic Short Films 18 - REAL Adult Psychology : I"ve never been a grown-up before

There are two uncomfortable preconceived notions that split animations. The first being that animations should only be targeted towards children and the second being that animations for adults have to be over-the-top and vulgar. However, although they’ve gone unnoticed and haven’t had a great deal of opportunities to be shown, there have always been animations made that fall between those two categories. That is the reason why the "REAL Adult Psychology: I’ve never been a grown-up before" theme was created. The theme is not for the elders who have already mastered life or curmudgeons who have advanced in years but not in terms of wisdom; it’s for the adults who find the idea of being a grown-up new and disconcerting because they’ve never been a grown-up before. It’s for adults who are still in the process of growing and maturing. The rules for children and adults inevitably change according to the times. Also, the creators of Korean independent animations are becoming grown-ups themselves as they have new experiences every day.