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In One's Shadow

Israel|2020|11min |Asian Premiere |

  • 성장영화


Eugène hates everything unpredictable. He can’t even make friends because people don't behave as he predicts. One day, he suddenly realizes he isn't alone and decides to accept a new friend. This film is about the courage to come out to the world and face changes. The new challenges outside the fence warm Eugène’s heart as he makes friends with his shadow, and the viewers. 


모르 란크리


Film director, writer, editor and actress from Tel Aviv. Over the past few years, Mor Lankri created short films, music videos, a web-series, and more. She also worked in VR-virtual reality films and documentaries. She has practiced a variety of roles such as: producer, editor, camera, sound, Actress in TV and film and more. Currently developing her first feature length film. 

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