Forbidden Zone

Dangerous Drugs of Sex

Japan|2019 |90min |International Premiere |

  • 고문
  • 섹스
  • 미남

Program Note

One wrong move causes young, successful salaryman Katsuragi to lose everything, including his parents, and attempt suicide. A mysterious man named Yoden saves his life, but then Katsuragi finds himself bound in chains while Yoden probes his body and sexually tortures him. With no knowledge as to why all this is happening, Katsuragi slowly becomes accustomed to the pain, while another secret is concealed behind their bizarre relationship.

How can one heal and overcome the loss of a loved one? This screen adaptation of the BL cartoon, of the same title, Jojo Hideo’s Dangerous Drugs of Sex explores Yoden and Katsuragi’s sadomasochistic bond and the relationship between extreme physical pain and psychological trauma through extreme acts and images of BDSM. Jojo’s talent, acquired through his still-active career in Japanese AV films, highlights his directorial skills in the gay AV BDSM genre. (Jin PARK)


조조 히데오

JOJO Hideo

Born in Tokyo in 1975. He graduated from Musashino Art University. After his debut with Married Women Who Want to Taste (2003), his body of work commands over 100 titles, including theatrical works and V-cinema. He has been invited by Asian film festivals. 


Producer Sawada Kunihiro, Kubo Kazuaki
Screenplay Jojo Hideo
Cinematographer Linuma Eiji
Editor Jojo Hideo
Sound Takashima Ryota
Music Hayashi Guido
Production Design Tsuru Keisuke
Cast Kitadai Takashi, Watanabe Sho
Sales Futurecomics Co.,Ltd.

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starhalf_starempty_star 5.75