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BiFan2015 Award Announcement!


No. 2

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플러스 마이너스 스크랩 프린트 

BiFan2015 Award Announcement!

Bucheon Choice: Feature
  • Best of Bucheon : Port of Call (Directed by Philip YUNG)
  • Best Director : Turbo Kid (Directed by Francois SIMARD, Anouk WHISSELL, Yoann-Karl WHISSELL)
  • Best Actor : Chino Darin of Death in Buenos Aires (Directed by Natalia META)
    Special Mention : Michael Ning of Port of Call (Directed by Philip YUNG)
  • Best Actress : Jessie Li of Port of Call (Directed by Philip YUNG)
    Special Mention : Kim Go Eun of Coin Locker Girl (Directed by HAN Jun Hee)
  • Jury's Choice : Coin Locker Girl (Directed by HAN Jun Hee)
  • NH Nonghyun Citizen's Choice : The Master Plan (Directed by Alain DARBORG)

Bucheon Choice: Short
  • Best Short Film : Reunion (Directed by Iddo SOSKOLNE, Janne REINIKAINEN)
  • Jury's Choice for Short Film : A Love Story (Directed by Steven BAKER)
    Special Mention : The Fisherman (Directed by Alejandro SUAREZ LOZANO)
  • Best Korean Short Film : The Scoundrels (Directed by AHN Seung hyuk)
  • Citizen's Choice for Short Film : Sweet Family (Directed by PARK Joong Ha)

European Fantastic Film Festival Federation(EFFFF) Asian Award
  • EFFFF Asian Award : Assassination Classroom (Directed by HASUMI Eiichiro)
    Special Mention : Bombay Velvet (Directed by Anurag KASHYAP)

Netpac Award
  • Netpac Award : 100 Yen Love (Directed by TAKE Masaharu)

LG HiEntech Award
  • LG HiEntech Award : Boy from Wonderland (Directed by HUH Eun Hee)