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Korea Now

Despite the average number of cinema visits per capita being 4.22 annually in Korea, reaching a world class level,
pessimism over film industry continues to reign among Korean filmmakers. Korean film industry is suffering from the ever-worsening studio monopoly over screens and the disappearance of mid-level hits to end up in the current state of the rich getting richer
and the poor getting poorer.

With ‘Challenge’ and ‘Cooperation’ as the key topics,
the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival launches ‘Korea Now’ as one of the industry programs to pursue balanced
growth of Korean film industry and ultimately to spread the K-Movie craze out to the world.

‘Korea Now’ aims to bring together various associations from Korean film industry to collaborate with one another and
to obtain tangible results in business. In particular, the program is expected to become a leading forum for cultural and
cinematic exchange between Korea and China having cultivated the active participation of Chinese filmmakers.

BIFAN Scenario Showcase
(Co-presented by Screenwriters Guild of Korea)

In order to invigorate Korean screenwriters focusing on their foremost task, namely the creation of original screenplays,
as well as to promote projects’ overseas success, the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival works to bolster the
competitiveness of Korean screenwriters as well as to promote the industry’s abilities through this project pitching event.
※ Translations will be available in English and Chinese.

· Date : July 27(Wed) 17:00~19:00
· Venue : 4F Koryo Hotel Bucheon

SF Fantastic Forum
(Co-presented by Producers Guild of Korea)

  • Part 1 | Infinite potential of SF fantasy original reviewed with the case of webtoon <With God>

    With the case of <With God>, it will be discussed about the way how a webtoon original
    which exercises imaginative powerin SF fantasy is realized in variations through each
    medium’s characteristics of diverse genres including musical, film, etc.

    · Date : July 24(Sun) 14:00~15:30
    · Venue : 4F Koryo Hotel Bucheon

  • Part 2 | Global trend and prospect of online SF contents expansion

    There are many cases of SF contents getting popular in mainstream culture after starting via online channels
    such as eBookor blog in the U.S. and Japan. Taiyo Fujii, Japanese SF writer,will tell his story how he started his literary
    career by being ranked as the first place in eBook novel literature field of Japanese Amazon.

    · Date : July 24(Sun) 16:00~17:30
    · Venue : 4F Koryo Hotel Bucheon

We, Korean Filmmakers are Laborers!
(Co-presented by Federation of Korea Movie Workers’ Union)

What is a ‘laborer’? Is this a new coming out for film crews to declare themselves as laborers?
To provide a minimum standard for all of these people who begin or hope to keep their careers in making films,
we discuss why these filmmakers are truly laborers.

· Date : July 26(Tue) 16:00~18:00
· Venue : 4F Koryo Hotel Bucheon

K-Star Showcase
(Co-presented by Korea Entertainment Management Association)

In order to promote Korean actors and actresses overseas, casting directors from Chinese film and television series currently
awaiting production will hold a preliminary screening alongside global casting directors, and selected performers
will continue on to a formal audition and potential casting.

· Date : July 28(Thu) 09:30~12:30, 14:30~17:30
· Venue : Gyeonggi Art Hall

Discovery of Young Filmmakers; Shoot for Your Tomorrow!

A pitching program with the goal of promoting young directors who will bring new and vibrant energy to the Korean film industry, 5 participants who major/majored film production in colleges located in the Seoul Metropolitan Area are selected in an evaluation by the renowned filmmakers in Korean film industry.

· Date : July 27(Wed) 15:00~16:30
· Venue : 4F Koryo Hotel Bucheon

Forum: Calling for the Freedom of Expression in Korean Film Industry
(Co-presented by The Solidarity of Korea Film Group)

Although twenty years have passed since the film censorship had been abolished in Korea, recently, there has been external interference with some film screenings and productions under the excuse of self-censorship. In this forum, we will examine the cases of invasion of freedom of expression in the procedure of film productions and screenings. There will be special screenings of four Korean films related to this subject.

  • Forum

    · Date: July 29(Fri) 16:00 ~ 18:00
    · Venue: Bucheon City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F)

  • Special Screenings

    · Date: July 25(Mon) ~ 29(Fri)
    · Venue: Multiple sites in festival center

Case Study: Korea-China Coproduction
(Co-presented by Korean Film Producers Association)

To aid Korean films entering China and its rapidly developing film industry,
this event is founded with the goal of creating a venue to give a glimpse into the Chinese film industry and to promote exchange between Korean and Chinese filmmakers. Through the collaboration of the Korean Film Commission,
the Korean Film Producers Association and the Producers Guild of Korea, a forum on the promotion of Korean-Chinese
Co-production will be held, and as the first event, filmmakers having worked on Korean-Chinese co-productions will be
invited to speak in a case study of former co-production and to present on and discuss the future of co-production
between Korea and China.

· Date : July 23(Sat) 14:00~17:00
· Venue : 4F Koryo Hotel Bucheon