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Bucheon Choice
The essence of world genre films

International Competition section (Features and Shorts).
Presents innovative, experimental spirit with a unique vision and style.

Korean Fantastic
K-Fantastic films

Korean Competition section (Features and Shorts).
Supports and encourages Korean fantastic films.

World Fantastic Red
Meet the world (of genre films) at BIFAN

Optimized section for genre maniac groups.
Featuring hardcore films.

World Fantastic Blue
Different angle toward fantastic films

Another dimension of the fantastic films.
Targeting widened spectrum of audiences to meet their interests toward Fantastic film scene.

Family Zone
Fantastic films enjoying with Family

The one & only section which families can enjoy all together with full of joy and delightedness.

Forbidden Zone
Another level of Genre films

Devoted to the maniac genre-film-lovers.
Introducing controversial films that go beyond your fear and taboo, defending freedom of expression.

Fantastic Short Films
Short yet powerful enough

A selection of short yet fantastic masterpieces from around the world. The future leaders of genre film industry is here.

Special Programs
Special every year

Planned long ahead of each year’s festival to show its theme and direction in a concentrated way.
Consists of new themes, specified genre, remarkable issues…! Stay tuned!