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  • Festival Period : 16 ~ 26 July, 2015 (11 days)
  • Films : 235 films from 45 countries (Feature: 145, Shorts : 90)
  • Screening Venues : Total 7 places
  • Opening Film : Moonwalkers / Director : Antoine BARDOU-JACQUET
  • Closing Film : The Chosen: Forbidden Cave / Director : KIM Hui
  • Festival Lady&Guy : OH Yeon-seo, GWON Yool


This year’s poster is created under the theme ‘Urban daily life imbued with fantasy’. Under the sky that turns purple, placid water transforms itself into a giant dragon and runs into a girl. In July, the building-crammed city turns into a fantasy world full of imagination and takes audiences on a fun-filled adventure.
The official poster is seen as a sequel to the last year’s version with a girl and a dragon on it. It is in line with the fact that the Festival, with its new English acronym BiFan (previously named PiFan), carries on its unique identity as a fantastic genre film festival full of imagination.